Magi Group for medical tourism is one of the first leading companies in plastic surgery in Istanbul, from hair transplantation to dental implants and cosmetic surgery, weight loss operations and rhinoplasty. We have a long history and great experience in the field of cosmetic medicine in the Turkish market, with the testimony of Turkish experts.


Our company offers everything new and useful to its customers, competitive services, professional competence, medical skills, high-quality Turkish hospitals in medical performance and treatment services, a team that seeks the customer’s comfort and satisfaction, packages of treatment offers and cosmetic services, starting from the reception at the airport to the full stay of the client And continuous follow-up, to the end of the service with accuracy and high quality.


Maggi Group for medical tourism seeks to give its services a kind of distinction, so we contract with the best tourist hotels in the most prestigious places in Istanbul, Turkish hospitals licensed by the Turkish Ministry of Health, and with recommendations and quality certificates from the World Health Organization, the company offers attractive and economical treatment offers to the client, Our company motto is "Quality before service." Maggie Group may be your preferred choice, and your safe guide to high-quality treatment services.


How We Work

Steps of the treatment journey with the client

The first stage: Our journey starts from the moment the customer booked the flight ticket to come to Istanbul, and here the Magi Group consultant begins arranging the necessary with the work team to receive the customer and tell him the details of the trip.


The second stage: A member of our company's team waits for the customer at the airport door with a luxurious and comfortable car worthy of the type of services provided by Maggie Group, then the car moves towards a five-star hotel that was previously booked as part of the trip arrangements.


The third stage: the car comes to the hotel where the customer is located, and with it one of the work team, the car goes with the customer to the most luxurious medical hospitals to perform a medical examination through an extended session with the specialist doctor and with the presence of a translator from within the work team, and when the customer meets all the medical conditions, the doctor sets an appointment to start the operation.


Fourth stage: When the doctor completes the operation, the client stays in the hospital for two or three days, according to his condition, to ensure his health condition, with full medical supervision until recovery is complete, and then returns to his residence in the hotel to rest, or according to his desire, he may accompany him The staff is on a picnic and shopping tour.


The last stage: the last stage of the treatment journey, which begins with checking on the client during a final review in the hospital, then giving him some advice and instructions, then we transfer him to the airport by a private car to bid him farewell, but we remain in contact with him through our medical advisor to answer any inquiries and check on his health.