There is no doubt that getting a harmonious body in men, and a graceful body in women, is something that all people desire, but many people find that they have gained some extra weight unintentionally, and dieting for a large segment is considered something that cannot be tolerated, not to mention Some cases in which excessive weight increases, and causes many health problems, Therefore various weight loss operations are considered a desirable procedure for many, which has helped spread in recent years, the tremendous development in this field, and the diversity of options for the patient according to the amount of increase he has, where a person who suffers from an increase in weight can choose between the following operations:

1-Liposuction and body tightening:

We talked about this in detail in the section of liposuction operations, and also in the section of body tightening operations, as a person can lose a few kilograms up to ten, regardless of the need for a surgical tightening after liposuction or the doctor satisfied with liposuction only, and that depends on the area in which It was suctioned, and did the procedure happen on more than one area or in one area, and here the patient does not have a significant increase in weight, and does not suffer from obesity, but rather the cosmetic purpose to obtain a harmonious body

2-Gastric Botox Operation

This operation is considered a suitable procedure for people who cannot abstain from eating, and it is suitable for people who have an increase in weight from 10 to 20 kilograms, and it can be performed for people over the age of 18 to up to 55 years, and it is an ideal option for everyone who has failed to gain weight. Get an ideal weight through traditional methods, such as diet and exercise

Gastric Botox Technique:

The operation is carried out through the endoscope, which is entered from the mouth through the esophagus to the stomach, where the doctor injects Botox into the stomach wall, which leads to reducing the force of stomach contractions, and thus slows down the process of digestion and pushing food into the intestines, and thus this technique helps to Keeping food in the stomach for a longer period, which means that the patient feels full and does not need to eat, and the process does not take more than 25 minutes to half an hour, and it is suitable for people whose health condition does not allow them to undergo general anesthesia, such as heart patients and diabetics

Recovery and after the operation:
The patient does not need a break after the operation, and he can leave the hospital after the operations, as the stomach botox operation is not classified as a surgical operation, and the patient can start his normal life immediately, and if he feels some nausea, but he will not feel pain, However, he is obliged to follow a diet recommended by the doctor, based on fiber and protein, and stay away from soft drinks, and drink a lot of water when feeling hungry.


3- Gastric balloon operation:
It is also a non-surgical operation like stomach botox, but it is suitable for people who suffer from an increase in weight ranging from 30 to 40 kilograms, based on the idea of reducing the stomach area and thus reducing the amount of food that can be eaten, which works to lose weight naturally and gradually Within a few months, as the matter varies from person to person according to the nature of his body, and it can be performed under general or local anesthesia, and does not take more than half an hour

Gastric Balloon Technique:
A balloon is inserted endoscopically through the esophagus to reach the stomach, then this balloon is filled with a liquid medical solution for this process, and thus a good area of the stomach is reserved, which makes the person unable to eat a large amount of food, as he feels full as soon as an amount is entered A small amount of food goes to his stomach, and the balloon is left in place for up to six months, and it can extend to a year in special cases, which leads to a definite weight loss without any problems or side effects.

Recovery and after the operation:
It is not an operation in the literal sense so that the patient needs a recovery period, but he can return to his normal life immediately, but the balloon is temporary and not permanent, so it must be removed from the stomach after six months, as it is considered a sufficient period for the patient and the body to get used to eating a small amount of food, and After that, the patient must follow a moderate diet, and exercise such as walking, for example, for 30 to 45 minutes on a daily basis, to maintain the weight he has reached and not to gain additional weight as before.

4 – Sleeve gastrectomy:
It is a permanent procedure aimed at reducing the size of the stomach by cutting off part of it, and this part is determined according to the condition of each patient, based on the amount of increase in weight, age and other things that the doctor evaluates to make the appropriate decision. He determines a percentage of the stomach to be dispensed with between 20 to 60, and this section of the stomach contains harmful hormones, which makes the stomach smaller and unable to absorb a large amount of food, and of course this will lead to weight loss naturally, gradually during a period that varies from person to person according to the nature of his body

Gastric Sleeve Technique:
The operation is performed under complete anesthesia, where the doctor makes five small incisions in the abdomen, through which, using special tools, the specific percentage of the stomach is removed, and this does not take more than one hour, as there is no large surgical incision and the operation is accurate, but it is not complicated, Especially with the experienced doctor who has experience in this type of operation, which has become widespread

Recovery and after the operation:
After the patient is discharged from the hospital when the effect of anesthesia is over and the operation is debilitated, he can start practicing his normal life, but he must adhere to a healthy diet to help lose weight in an optimal way, and he must also exercise on a daily basis, even if only by walking, as advised By dividing meals throughout the day intermittently, because he will not be able to eat a large meal at once, as well as it is necessary during the first days after the operation not to mix food and drink, and finally take the medicines and vitamins that the doctor prescribed to him


5- The diversion operation:
This operation is the least common among the options available to lose weight, but it may be the only solution for some cases of obesity, which would be associated with serious diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and heart and arterial diseases, and may cause other symptoms such as sleep disorders, A bypass operation is not performed except after consultation between bariatric surgeons and a dietician, as well as after a comprehensive assessment of the extent of obesity and the extent of excess weight on the body mass, as the body mass index must rise to the limits of 35 kilograms at least.

Gastric bypass technique:
This operation depends on the principle of restricting the amount of food intake on the one hand, and on the other hand reducing the amount of food absorbed by the gastrointestinal tract, in addition to stimulating hormonal and physiological processes when isolating the duodenum from the stomach, which reduces levels of the hunger hormone, and raises From the level of satiety hormone, and this is done by diverting the food stream in the stomach, where the operation is performed under general anesthesia by opening some small openings in the abdomen, 2 to 3 cm long to insert the necessary surgical tools with a camera with lighting to improve vision, so the surgeon continues his work via an electronic screen And he inflates the abdominal cavity with carbon dioxide to expand the range of movement inside the abdomen, allowing him to work accurately to complete the gastric bypass

Recovery and after the operation:
The patient’s condition is closely monitored in the hospital and the pain and nausea are treated, and the patient immediately begins to take vitamins and minerals that the doctor prescribed, and in the first period he may suffer from some side effects as a result of the rapid decline in body mass, because losing weight causes a feeling of fatigue and exhaustion It can also lead to a slight dryness in the skin, and some other symptoms that differ from one person to another, and the patient must fully comply with the doctor’s recommendations since his discharge from the hospital, especially the instructions for taking fluids and then starting gradually and legally with very light meals.

Bypass surgery helps to lose weight tremendously, it may reach high numbers within one to two years, in addition to improving the quality of life of the patient who was suffering from obesity, who will live a new life completely different from what it was before the operation, in addition to that It treats, protects, and helps reduce the effects of many diseases such as diabetes, heart disease, arteries, high cholesterol, and others.