Operations and procedures: cosmetic / dental implants.

It has become common today for a person to get the so-called Hollywood smile, this term that appeared in the world of cosmetic dentistry, and it means the wonderful appearance of white teeth with standard sizes like international movie stars, as the great development in the dental industry and implants allowed people around the world By installing crowns with bright whites and even dental implants or alternative molars to those that have been exposed to caries, caries or extractions.

Turkey, especially Istanbul, is considered a destination for many residents of North America and the European Union countries, as well as the Arab Gulf, as the cost of dental crowns and implants is very low, compared to their prices in those countries.

Going into the details of the various cases of dental conditions for each person is almost impossible, as the adult person has thirty-two teeth and four molars of which are called wisdom molars, and their presence varies according to the age of the person, as it may be delayed in growth in a group of people. The life of each person and the extent of his interest in his teeth since childhood plays a big role in the extent of their health or the emergence of problems in them, so we cannot generalize a practical example that applies to all people, and every patient must communicate with his medical advisor and send him pictures that clearly show the teeth And it is better for him to send a panoramic x-ray of the mouth because it shows the condition of the teeth with great accuracy

In general, the patient can get what he wants in his visit to the hospital, and during several sessions that last from one week to ten days at the most, regardless of the condition of his teeth and no matter how many problems are, if the doctor at the first examination examines the patient and makes a picture The x-ray then presents the patient with the available options, which are often very close to the diagnosis that was told by his medical advisor over the phone and before his arrival in Istanbul, and the patient must learn about the types of crowns and implants to decide with his doctor what suits him according to his dental condition

The tooth or molar is divided into two main parts: (the root and the crown), which means the part located inside the gums, while the crown is the part that appears in the mouth and is also called the enamel, and inside the tooth there are one or two channels in some molars, inside which there is the nerve responsible for The transmission of the feeling of pain, and the teeth take different names related to their location in the mouth (frontal tooth / canine / premolar / molar) and each name is associated with an upper or lower word, as well as right or left, and thus the patient and the doctor can determine the number of teeth to be treated or covered faux crowns

Teeth are exposed to caries for reasons known to everyone, concentrated in eating some foods and drinks that are harmful to the teeth, foremost of which are sugars and smoking, in addition to that neglecting the teeth and not paying attention to their cleanliness on a daily basis is a key factor in the discoloration of the teeth and the appearance of tartar on them, and then the emergence of caries Which soon turns into caries in the tooth crown, which causes known pain when drinking cold and sometimes hot drinks, and when caries reaches the tooth canal that contains the nerve, the pain becomes great, forcing the patient to go to the dentist’s office, and here he The doctor may do what is necessary according to the situation, he may be satisfied with getting rid of the caries and filling the tooth with a metal filling, and he may have to pull the nerve and perhaps extract the tooth if the root is not valid

There is no doubt that most people, over the years, entered dental clinics and were subjected to one or another of the above-mentioned procedures, and there are a few lucky people who do not have problems with their teeth, but all human beings, without exception, dream of having perfect teeth free of inclinations and The deviation has an attractive appearance and a bright white color, so we in (Class Aesthetic) do what is necessary to achieve this dream regardless of the integrity of the original teeth or the number of problems in it

Types of artificial teeth (crowns):
After addressing the problems of each year separately, if any, comes the second stage, which is to prepare the teeth to be covered with metal crowns, where the doctor files the teeth to take the so-called (print) that is, the mold and that is to send it to the laboratory to make the appropriate crowns, and here it is necessary to mention The types of crowns available are as follows

1 – Porcelain: This is the oldest type, and it has now been dispensed with, and it is no longer available except in some poor countries due to its low cost, but it only lasts a few years and has certain conditions, as it often needs to remove the nerve from the tooth, even if it is intact.

2- Zirconium: taking its name from the material from which it is made, and it is the most common type if it is characterized by its hardness and lasts for more than 20 years, and it may last for life if it is taken care of and cleaned, and it is suitable for most patients’ cases, especially those who have a deviation in their Teeth and major caries problems, because the doctor originally reduces the original tooth crown to about half in order to install the zircon crown on it, and the doctor can also fill the space between two teeth by making a piece of crowns for three or four teeth together, which means that the patient dispenses with Implanting one or more teeth if the number of teeth and molars that were extracted previously is counted, and provided that there are no large voids in the gums resulting from the extraction of two or three teeth next to each other.

3 – E-Max: is better than zircon in terms of hardness and service life, but it is of course more expensive, and it also has certain conditions for its installation as it is less thick than the previous one, and accordingly, the doctor makes a small crust of tooth enamel that does not exceed 20 percent, which means The original teeth must be in good condition to a certain extent and do not have large caries or previous fillings, and they cannot be installed in cases of overlapping teeth on top of each other or the presence of severe inclination in some of them, and often one crown is installed for each tooth separately, i.e. A gap in the gums cannot be covered by a single piece of several teeth.

4- Veneers: It is a very thin crust that is manufactured and placed on the front part of the tooth and does not cover the entire crown of the tooth, and the doctor does not resort to it except in special cases, when the original teeth are almost intact, and the purpose of the installation is The veneers are cosmetic only, especially to get the color of the teeth whiter with a luster, and it must be noted that the high price of this type is more expensive than zircon and Emax, and a new type of veneers has been developed from some companies called Lumineer.

Dental implants (metal implant):
Some people suffer from the presence of large voids in the mouth as a result of the extraction of a number of teeth and molars, and the molar or tooth may have been exposed to a large necrosis that led to damage to the root and it is not possible to wear a metal crown on it, which requires its extraction, and in both cases the doctor resorts to a transplant Metal teeth to fill the space in the mouth.

A mineral implant, like a natural tooth, consists of two parts:
 first: It is the metal part (the screw) that is placed inside the gums
second: It is the cover that represents the base on which the metal crown is placed later.
There are different types of implants, and each has its own lock and a special brand that you are known for.

These metal implants are manufactured in many countries of the world and their price varies according to the company and country of origin, and German implants are the best in the world in terms of durability and type of metal with a lifetime guarantee, followed by the American, then Korean, Turkish and others whose price is less than the prices of German implants, but their quality is definitely lower, so we rely on German implants because they are the best

It is worth noting that the process of implanting a tooth or more takes place in two stages, with a period of three months between them. Locking the implant and installing the metal crown to get the final result, but the implant or implants have nothing to do with the rest of the teeth, as the doctor installs crowns of any kind on the rest of the oral teeth in the first visit

Recommendations and tips:

The patient should take the painkiller prescribed by the doctor, and he may prescribe other medicines according to his health condition before the transplant, and he should not press hard on the implant in the first days so that the gums around it heal well, and it is recommended to rinse with water and salt to keep the mouth sterile and empty From food bacteria in order to avoid infection of the gums, as well as for metal crowns of the type Zircon or E-Max, as the patient must avoid eating hard and harsh materials that would break the crown in the first days, although after that it will become stronger than natural, but it is necessary For some time, and some patients stop brushing the teeth under the pretext that they are artificial, and this is a common mistake, as the process of cleaning the mouth and using toothpaste and toothbrushes on a daily basis, aims to preserve the gums and cleanse them of bacteria and not only preserve the teeth.