Body lift surgeries:
And they are the operations that can be performed on a specific area of the body that shows sagging for one reason or another. It may be a direct accompaniment to liposuction from a certain area, especially if the amount of fat extracted is large, which makes the skin look redundant and requires tightening to get a tight body. Also, this operation is necessary for people who have lost weight in one way or another, which led to sagging in some areas of the body or all of them, and tightening operations vary according to one or more areas (abdomen, chest, flanks, thighs, arms and buttocks), And also the entire face area, which we will single out for its own paragraph

Tightening techniques:
The operation can be performed with a laser device, smart laser or G-plasma, provided that the sagging is simple, but often surgical work is resorted to under general anesthesia, as an incision is made in the area where the skin is to be tightened to get rid of the excess skin, then the wound is sutured with threads A diet in a cosmetic way so that the effect of the wound disappears quickly, and this is done differently according to the area, according to the following:

1 – Abdominal area: The incision is located in the lower abdomen, above the pubic area.
2 – The back and flanks area: also below the area to be stretched.
3 – Thighs area: at the level of the inner thighs, longitudinally.
4 – Arm area: from under the armpit to the elbow area.
5- The butt area: a transverse incision under the buttocks.

Side effects and recovery:
There are no actual negative effects, other than the edema that appears at the site of the surgical incision, which gradually disappears after the operation, then the wound area changes color and it takes a period for the effect of the wound to disappear, which varies from person to person, but the patient should avoid carrying heavy weights after the operation, Or doing strenuous muscular work, and he must also practice light sports such as walking, for example, and he must also wear the appropriate corset, whether for the abdomen, thighs or arms for a short period to maintain what was done during the surgical work, and to obtain the best result from it, and he needs a period of time A break from work varies according to the nature of his work, and the actual results of the process may take from three to six months, in order to reach the desired final form.