It aims to get rid of the accumulated fat in one or more areas of the body, to obtain an attractive appearance and a perfect shape. The areas in which fat accumulates in the body can be divided into several areas as follows:

1 – The abdomen is divided into two parts, upper and lower.
2 – The chest, or what is known as gynecomastia in men.
3 – The back area, with its upper and lower parts
4 – The flanks area to the sides of the abdomen
5 – inner and outer thighs
6 – The upper arm area.

Suction techniques:
There are several techniques used in liposuction, varying between laser, vaser or G-plasma, and each of them has its own device, but it adopts the same mechanism as the doctor makes small holes whose number varies according to the area, and then inserts a small tube to transfer the fat from the solid state to The liquid state, and then comes the stage of liposuction through the device outside the body.

side effects:
It varies from person to person according to his health condition and the amount of fat that was suctioned, but the doctor does all the necessary analyzes to know the patient’s condition, and to reduce the risks to a minimum, and he will not do any procedure that puts the patient at risk, because he decides the amount of fat that can be suctioned based on Body mass in a way that does not affect the health status of the patient, and the side effects are limited to a feeling of weakness on the one hand, and a change in skin color that resembles light bruises.

recovery period:
The recovery period varies from one patient to another according to his health condition before the operation, and also according to the amount of fat that was extracted, as well as according to the number of areas that have been worked on, but it will not take long as the pain disappears and the effects of changing the color of the skin disappear in a period between ten to fifteen days after the operation

Autologous liposuction and fat injection technique:

It is one of the procedures that the doctor resorts to, in which the patient gets two benefits in one operation, where fat is suctioned from one or more areas of the body as we explained previously, and then takes advantage of this fat to inject it elsewhere in the body in order to improve its appearance, and It should be noted that the extracted fat is filtered and purified through a special device, and then injected in measured quantities in a specific area according to the patient’s desire and after taking the doctor’s opinion, and there are many examples of this, such as extracting small amounts of thigh fat, for example, and then injecting it into an area Cheeks or lips, or a quantity of abdominal fat is suctioned and then injected into the buttocks, but for the medical sake, this fat is not permanent and will disappear after a certain period of time that varies from one patient to another according to the nature of his body.