It is decided according to the patient’s desire and the doctor’s opinion. It may be for the face, neck, upper and lower eyelids, forehead, and even the ears. It may be for all of the above, according to the patient’s age and the amount of sagging and wrinkles present, and the purpose of it is to obtain a bright face to appear more As a youth, it practically brings the patient back years, and has proven its effectiveness in removing folds from the entire face and neck area.

Facelift techniques:
The doctor works to make a surgical incision on both sides of the face, above the ears, or behind them in case of tightening the muscle tissue, or down the neck if necessary, and in the case of the upper eyelids, the incision is made transversely in the eyelids, and above the forehead at the hairline of the head for the forehead tightening process. Then the wound is sutured with suitable threads without leaving a trace after removing the fat tissue and excess skin

Side effects and recovery period:
In special cases, the doctor may need to place detonators to remove fluids, and the patient is also required to make bandages for the face in order to reduce swelling, with the appearance of a sting that varies from one patient to another according to the nature of the body, and the patient should not be exposed to strong sunlight directly, and it is also advised not to smoke and take A break of about two weeks.

Golden thread technique:
In many cases, the doctor may offer the patient to have the face-lift process through golden threads without anesthesia, where the doctor tightens one or more areas of the face by inserting golden medical lines in an artistic way, ensuring a great result, especially for patients who do not have many wrinkles and deep.

Filler and Botox techniques:

These techniques are part of facial plastic surgery, and they allow the patient to improve the appearance of the face without resorting to surgical work, and this is done through local anesthesia, as the substance is injected in one area without another according to the patient’s desire and the doctor’s opinion in order to reach a more beautiful face, and determine the substance to be injected (Filler or Botox) according to the area in the face and according to the muscle or bone tissue, and self-fat may be injected that was extracted from the patient himself, but it should be noted that these techniques do not provide permanent results, as the result can disappear after a period of time that varies from person to person. The injection technique gives a radical change in The shape of the upper and lower lips, as well as in the area of ​​the cheeks, and also in the area of ​​the forehead, where some patients dispense with a surgical tightening.