As we mentioned in the case of the chest, this procedure for men is limited to liposuction and possibly skin tightening, but for women it is an important work in the world of plastic surgery, as many men and women see that a woman’s back is an essential part of the signs of femininity and beauty, And accordingly, some women are not satisfied with the shape of the butt, and for this reason they do one of the following procedures to improve the shape of the butt

1- Liposuction and butt lift:
Where a large proportion of fat is concentrated in many women in the butt area, so liposuction is a suitable option to improve their appearance, and a butt lift may be necessary according to the volume of fat extracted from it, in order to obtain a beautiful body, in proportion to the shape of the body and It gives a woman an attractive look.

Liposuction and butt lift technique:
As in liposuction operations in general, small holes are made to insert the tube of the suction device, which turns fat into a liquid substance that is extracted through the device.

If the size of the fat is large, the liposuction process alone will lead to sagging in the back, which requires resorting to a small surgical incision under the back to extract the fat, then tightening the skin after getting rid of the excess parts, and then suturing the wound with medical threads so as not to leave a trace in the future

Side effects and recovery period:
There are no unusual side effects, as liposuction from one area of the body does not show obvious symptoms, except for feeling some weakness after the operation, in addition to the pain of the wound that disappears within several days, and the patient must wear the appropriate corset recommended by the doctor Which you will get in the hospital, and the recovery period lasts from one week to ten days, depending on the nature of each body

2 – Butt augmentation (silicone):
It is a popular operation in recent years, as many girls complain of the small size of their buttocks, and therefore resort to this simple and quick procedure in order to obtain a prominent butt, in proportion to the size of their body and fully showing their femininity.
Butt augmentation techniques:
A small surgical incision of 5 cm is made at the bottom of the buttocks, then the doctor inserts the silicone filling in its appropriate place on both sides of the butt, and then sews the wound with the appropriate medical threads. 

Types of silicone fillings:
Most notably (Mentor / Motiva / Iron), with multiple sizes, and their prices vary according to the country of manufacture, such as France and America, as major companies intend to give a special code for the filling and a global warranty for a certain number of years.

Side effects and recovery period:

One of the advantages of the silicone implant is that it does not affect daily life, but the doctors recommended that it is not to sit on it for long periods during the first ten days, so that it takes its proper shape, and it is preferable for the patient to sleep on her chest for several days after the operation, and the effects are limited to the appearance of edema The place of the surgical incision is small, it soon disappears and no trace remains, and the patient needs a period of one week to ten days to recover, where it is advised to exercise lightly and then gradually return to her normal life.