Before going into the details, it must be noted that the beautification of the chest area in men is limited to cases known as gynecomastia, i.e. sagging of the breasts due to obesity or excess fat, and the solution to this falls within the procedures of liposuction and chest tightening after that, and we have explained that in my paragraph Stretching and stretching operations

Breast augmentation in women:
There is no doubt that a woman’s breast and its shape constitute a distinguishing mark in the elements of beauty for her, and many women complain about her dissatisfaction or the satisfaction of her partner about the shape of her breasts, and this is due to many reasons, most notably breastfeeding and sometimes obesity, and she may complain about the size of the breasts, so they are divided. Cosmetic surgery as follows:

1 – Breast reduction and tightening:
If the size of the breasts is large in proportion to the shape of the body, this causes a problem in women, both in terms of physical and health, and sometimes from a psychological point of view, and the solution is to reduce the breasts and tighten the sagging to take a prominent shape, or it is sufficient to raise it to the top while maintaining at its current size.

Breast lift techniques:
The operation is performed under general anesthesia, where the doctor makes a small incision in the lower chest, then liposuction of the existing fat in case the patient wants to reduce the size, or only stretching if the size is acceptable to her, and the incision extends around the nipples in order to raise the chest in an optimal shape, then sew The wound with special medical threads so that its effect disappears after a period of time and the chest appears normal.

Side effects and recovery period:
Like other surgeries, the patient needs to stay in the hospital for up to two days, and the pain will gradually disappear, and she must wear a special corset for two weeks, and she may lose the feeling of the nipple for a short period, then things return to the way they were before the operation.
2- Breast augmentation (silicone):
It is one of the most common surgeries in the last two decades, as many girls complain of the small size of their breasts, which constitutes an undesirable psychological condition, and therefore resort to this procedure in order to enhance self-confidence and obtain a prominent and acceptable breast, commensurate with the size of Her body and fully shows her femininity

Breast augmentation techniques:
A small surgical incision of 2 cm is made in the lower chest, then the doctor inserts the silicone gasket under the chest muscle, and then sews the wound with the appropriate medical threads.
Types of silicone fillings: most notably (Mentor / Motiva / Iron), with multiple sizes and their prices vary according to the country of manufacture such as France and America, as major companies intend to give a special code for the filling and a global warranty for a certain number of years.

Side effects and recovery period:

One of the advantages of the silicone implant is that it does not affect pregnancy, lactation or the milk glands, and the effects are limited to the appearance of a small edema at the site of the surgical incision, which soon disappears and has no effect, and the patient needs a period of one week to ten days to recover, where it is recommended to exercise Light sports and then gradually return to normal life.