The medical consultant determines the type of operation that will be performed on the patient as follows:

1 – Simple nose surgery: provided that the patient does not have any respiratory problems, and there is no deviation in the pace, and there is no previous fracture of the nose or previous operation, and here the purpose of the rhinoplasty operation is in the optimal form according to the patient’s request, and in proportion to the The general appearance of the face.

2 – Complex nose surgery: If the patient suffers from a problem in the respiratory openings, such as a deviation in the pace, for example, or has a previous fracture, or a previous operation in the nose, and accordingly the doctor performs the surgery for two purposes; The first is rhinoplasty according to the patient’s request and in proportion to the shape of the face, and the second is to solve the existing problem, whatever it may be.

The operation is performed according to one of the two methods (open or closed) according to the surgical incision made by the doctor during the operation.

The side effects of the operation: the appearance of a slight edema under the eyes, with the possibility of drip from the nose during the first days after the operation.

Recovery period: It varies from person to person according to the nature of the body, but it will not exceed a few days, as the edema disappears and the nose begins to take the new shape gradually.

Some people may not see the final result immediately, but they will see the transformation within a period of three to six months.

Rhinoplasty without surgery:

1 – Laser cosmetic: This procedure can be done for uncomplicated cases of the nose, which is simpler than the surgical procedure and the recovery from it is faster, but this depends on the decision of the specialist, as it can only be used in a few cases of patients.

2 – Injecting the filler in the nose area to beautify its shape in a manner consistent with the face, and this is a simple procedure and has no side effects at all, but it is not permanent as the result disappears within months, and the result varies from one patient to another.

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